Irish Women's Bowling Association

Formed in 1947 the IWBA is the National Governing Body for the sport of women's bowls in Ireland.  Under it's umbrella it has four Associations, whose total of affiliated Clubs is 80, covering both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (where the Clubs are mainly located in the Dublin area). 

Each Association has its own league structure and cup competitions and meet annually in an Inter-Association tournament.

The IWBA aims, through the promotion of competition bowls, to enable players to develop their full potential at all levels, up to and including International representation. 

For those who are not so competitively minded, there is a place for recreational bowls at Club level and Clubs will welcome enquiries from prospective members.


Noelle Graham, IWBA President 2017

Noelle Graham
President 2017


International series


17-19 JUNE 2018

Bernie McGleenan
Liz Bruce
Sarah Kelly
Paula Montgomery
Jennifer Heade
Noeleen Kelly
Donna McCloy
Jennifer Dowds
Donna Meneely
Erin Smith
Catherine Beattie
Sarah-Jane Curran
Roberta Tinsley
Pauline Curry
Ashleigh Rainey
Sally McAuley
Carole Geary
Gemma McClean
Marian Lynch
Sandra Bailie

Rosie Brown
Lisa McDonagh
Barbara Logue
Bernie O'Neill

Reserves: Carole McQuade, Marie McCord, Jean Boyd

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Panel for selection for Commonwealth Games

Sandra Bailie, Catherine Beattie, Donna Meneely, Sally McAuley
Bernie O'Neill, Donna McCloy, Ashleigh Rainey, Erin Smith


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